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Our Youth at Risk Organisation South-Africa

There are many of the youth in South Africa that are suffering from various problems and are at risk of not having a bright future. And hence the non-profit organisation (NPO), Our Youth at Risk South Africa (YAROSA ) was set up to try and tackle the problems the youth are facing.


YAROSA vision is to deliver bold, dynamic programs throughout South-Africa which produces extraordinary results and inspire life- long growth for young people and those around them.To develop a life changing experience for the youth, to encourage volunteers, inspire and empower to be leaders and to develop entrepreneurs, leaders who are self-expressed, driven, diverse and committed to a future of possibilities


YAROSA has the following goals:

  • To provide professional counselling, education and support services to young people, developing innovative challenges of our diverse community in culturally sensitive ways.
  • To empower teen ages, students to make life choices that will positively impact their future through the community-based mentoring and intensive training
  • Youth at Risk aims to reduce the number of high school dropouts, match students with an adult mentor and provide students with a sense of the future and their place in the future.
  • To reduce the abuse of substances in communities by creating activities that will impact young people and help them in making positive choices in a negative world. Motivating and building a relationship between parents and young people


The main objectives of Youth at Risk SA are:

  • To deal with today’s issues affecting young people, communities need the involvement, Energy, creativity, talent, and caring of its citizens.
  • To draw young people in the townships, towns, cities, suburbs and rural areas away fromIdleness, hopelessness, rejection and anxiety that can lead to criminal experimentation or irresponsible, harmful use of their time, and transform them into valuable members of society.
  • To promote a culture of work and opportunity driven to be able to dream and make dreams a reality by transforming minds and being responsible citizens of change.
  • To impact nations and transforming generations ‘’it’s Time to Move’’ and build Young Entrepreneurs that will affect change and lead by example.
  • To engage in community dialogues with parents and youth in striving to solve and look into Challenges faced by both parties of society in seeking solutions to problems faced by communities at large.
  • To establish task teamsthat ensures comprehensive and coordinate understanding and actionIn responding to both immediate and long-term challenges.
  • To have an advisory panel of experts to guide an appropriate programmer of action.


The organizations secondary objectives will be to:

  • To collaborate with other organizations promoting the interests of the youth in andoutside the republic of South-Africa.
  • To partner with companies and government in building a better society for youth andEmpower young people in the 21st century.