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Yes we are a generation faced with alot of challenges as we saw the need to assist our youth at risk as the initiative started in 2011 as a project and there off developed in to an organization with the tools to fight social illness and develop a better society for all.


We are indeed a youth organisations and understand the need for change in the mindset of our generation.

  • We encourage the city to assist us in the matter as we have send assistance letters to the city and MEC of social development at large.
  • If we could have classes places on vacant land to do and run our daily business as we know substance abuse effect’s our young people at large.
  • We do have individuals in our organisation that is willing to teach young people on sowing, clothing design, entrepreneurship programs, life skills sessions, motivational talks etc.
  • Our desire is to create job opportunities for unemployed youth.


Our Challenges:

  • We are in need of a vacant build to render our services to young people.
    • We find it difficult in assisting people/beneficiaries from our own private homes.
    • We ask the city to place us anywhere in Tshwane to render our services as young people are in need of development.
  • We find it quite difficult in travelling to different stakeholders to have our meetings or planning sessions.
    • As we do not have all resources as furniture nor a proper place to meet and have our meetings daily.
  • We are overloaded with work as people do consult us for assistance and family development.
  • As preciously interviewed on beeld gee Om we encouraged business to assist and invest in social illness of our society at larger.


Our Services:

  • We are currently assisting in the following areas Eersterust, laudium,mamelodi and Eldorado park.
  • Our areas of assistance are as follows:
    • Social services, Youth services, Youth welfare, Professional counselling, Youth and family development, Innovative solutions to community challenges, Education and support services to children on primary and secondary level.